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Specialist who help their patients cope with their life problems

A Polish psychologist in the UK is a specialist in the field of psychological diagnostics and psychological counselling. To make a diagnosis, psychologist conducts a detailed interview and uses professional diagnostic tests.

The title of psychologist is awarded to the graduates of five-year studies in the field of psychology. This specialist does not use medical procedures which involve pharmaceuticals or psychotherapy. Psychologist may refer the client to a psychiatrist who will offer pharmacological treatment.

They may also recommend psychotherapy. Very important is to choose the right psychotherapist - the choice may be difficult due to many therapeutic trends. Psychotherapy differs significantly from psychological counselling. It is a series of meetings during which an in-depth psychological interview takes place, in accordance with the trend chosen by a specific psychotherapist. A Polish psychologist in the UK can provide advice on a specific problem. This is usually a one-time advice – which can help a lot in many people lives.  

There are many situations in which help from psychologist could be necessary. A psychologist's assessment is often required for formal statements. Often, as a part of specific procedures, it is necessary to determine the degree of disability associated with senile dementia, damage to the nervous system, disturbed emotional balance, autism, and mental retardation. However, the most important indication for visiting this specialist are problems related to the mental health and willingness to solve them! Psychologist could be helpful in the following situations:

• Family problems - Mental difficulties often arise in the event of divorce, death, or illness in the family. This is completely normal! In this case, each family member should consult a psychologist. Symptoms of depression or anxiety may not be clear at first. They should be diagnosed as soon as possible, and a further treatment should be established.

• Conflicts in a relationship - many difficulties result from insufficient knowledge of the principles of an effective communication. A Polish psychologist in London will help diagnose problems existing in the relationship and propose methods of solving them. The specialist may also recommend psychotherapy for couples.

• Problems of childhood and adolescence - difficulties with assimilation in a new place, bullying and other problems of adolescence may result in a deteriorated mood as well as deeper mental problems. Even the smallest symptoms of childhood depression cannot be underestimated.

• Depression - when depressive thoughts appear, visit a psychologist as soon as possible. In the world of mental disorders, psychologist is almost a primary care physician. It is difficult to make a proper diagnosis on your own, so in such a situation you should use specialist’s help. In the case of suicidal thoughts, the help of a psychiatrist or psychotherapist will be required.

Mental health problems cannot be ignored! At the same time, diagnostics can be difficult for people who are not familiar with mental disorders. So, what symptoms should you look out for? When should you go to a psychologist? Do not underestimate symptoms such as: 

• Sleep disorders – they can be a symptom of depression and other mental health disorders. Difficulty falling asleep as well as the problem with getting up in the morning should be investigated.

• Inability to perform daily duties - it is worth consulting a Polish psychologist in the UK if, despite the relatively good life situation, you do not have a strength to perform daily duties and your productivity at work has significantly deteriorated.

• Alienation - A person who avoids contact with other people may be an introvert by nature. However, this behaviour can also be associated with depression, communication disorders, and other problems. Contact with other people is necessary for proper functioning and development.

• Difficulty controlling emotions - if you are struggling with negative emotions and cannot cope with them, consult a Polish psychologist in London or Coventry. Long-term stress and uncontrolled anxiety or aggression can negatively affect mental and physical health.

• Difficulties with self-esteem - see a psychologist to improve self-esteem. This is often the first step towards self-development! In this situation, psychologist may also suggest seeing a psychotherapist.

• Changes in appetite - anorexia or uncontrolled appetite are symptoms that may indicate a mental disorder. Different issues are eating disorders. It is worth going to a psychologist to diagnose the problem. The specialist will recommend further treatment, for example, psychotherapy or hospitalisation.

• Addiction - addiction often requires help of a specialist in a specific field, such as an addiction therapist. However, it is worth visiting a psychologist first. Addictions are not only drug addiction or alcoholism, but also shopaholism, addiction to social media and computer games. It is worth consulting a psychologist at the initial stage of addiction for prevention.

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