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Treating problems of female urinary system and male genitourinary tract

Urology is a field of medicine which focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the urogenital system diseases in men and the urinary system diseases in women, covering a wide spectrum of health problems. Thanks to the modern diagnostic techniques during consultations, e.g. ultrasonography (USS), the urologist can precisely determine the nature of the problem and implement an effective treatment for adult patients.

A visit to a urologist is recommended when symptoms suggest diseases of the urogenital system, such as:

  • problems with urination, e.g. difficulty urinating, frequent urination, feeling urgency to urinate, weak urine stream or urinary incontinence,
  • pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen, lumbar region,
  • recurring urinary tract infections,
  • hematuria,
  • pain during sexual intercourse,
  • changes to testicles, concerning lumps, enlargement, pain or discomfort in testicles
  • erection problems.

Regular check-ups are also advisable for men over 50 to detect prostate cancer early.

The most common urological diseases include:

  • urinary tract infections
  • kidney stones,
  • prostatic hyperplasia,
  • urinary tract cancer (e.g. bladder, kidney, prostate cancer),
  • sexual dysfunction (e.g. erectile dysfunction),
  • bladder inflammation and urinary incontinence.

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