Dr Kalina Jacyna

Dr Kalina Jacyna

Specialist Dentist, Aesthetic Medicine Dr Jacyna
Available in surgery in London


  • Dr. Kalina Jacyna graduated from the Medical Academy in Wroclaw, Poland in 1989.
  • She broadens her knowledge by participating in numerous orthodontic courses, including those run by world-renowned orthodontist Dr. Bernardo “Coco” Garcia.
  • She owns her private Dentistry Clinic in Warsaw.
  • She is a member of The International Association for Orthodontics (IAO).
  • Since 2008 she has been living and working in England.
  • Dr. Jacyna offers a wide range of orthopaedic treatment: fixed ceramic braces, metal braces, self-ligating braces, removable braces.
  • She prefers to perform orthodontic treatment without removing teeth.
  • During consultation pictures can be taken to document the treatment progress.

Scope of treatment

  • Preventive dentistry in adults and children
  • Initial and chronic decay treatment
  • Root canal treatment
  • Fillings
  • Tooth reconstruction using standard inserts and composites
  • Tooth extraction
  • Prosthetics
  • Post and core treatment
  • Porcelain bridges
  • Complete, partial and skeleton dentures
  • Orthodontics
  • Aesthetic medicine
  • Microscopic endodontics

Price list

Consultation/check-up, from £60
'Warm-up' visit for children £60
Anaesthetic £0
Prescription £40
X-ray £30
Scaling £120
Air abrasion (teeth sandblasting) £120
Fissure sealing (price for one tooth) £100
Fluoridation £100
Scaling + Air abrasion (teeth sandblasting) £200
Scaling + Air abrasion (teeth sandblasting) + Sealing £220
Rinse + gingival pocket dressing £90
Light cured composite filling £130-150
Filling with a supporting canal insert £200
Fibreglass post, from £200
Temporary dressing (Oxydentin, Cavit), from £100
Light cured coloured filling £90
Light cured white filling £90-130
Milk tooth devitalisation £90
Milk tooth pulpotomy plus filling £90
Milk tooth extraction £100
Tooth trepanation, open treatment (milk teeth) £50
Root canal treatment (regardless how many visits required), price depending on the number of roots £350-420
Endodontic re-treatment, price depending on the number of roots £420-530
Devitalisation £100
Endodontic dressing (if further treatment will be carried out in a different dental clinic), from £100-130
Tooth opening / open treatment £100
Microscopic root canal treatment (teeth with 1 root canal) £420
Microscopic root canal treatment (teeth with 2 root canals) £470
Microscopic root canal treatment (teeth with 3 root canals) £520
Microscopic root canal treatment (teeth with 4-5 root canals) £570
Microscopic root canal re-treatment (teeth with 1 root canal) £500
Microscopic root canal re-treatment (teeth with 2 root canals) £550
Microscopic root canal re-treatment (teeth with 3 root canals) £700
Microscopic root canal re-treatment (teeth with 4-5 root canals) £750
Unblocking a root canal treated in a different dental clinic, without filling (using the microscope) £270
Broken tool removal using the microscope £300
Finding and unblocking a root canal, without filling (using the microscope) £200-250
Microscopic post-and-crown removal £200-250
Endodontic perforation closure using the microscope £200-250
Microscopic pulp stone (denticle) removal £200-250
Tooth adding £170
Old bridge or crown removal £80
Porcelain crown on metal shell £500
E-max porcelain crown (teeth 1-3) £600
E-max porcelain crown (teeth 4-7) £600
Zirconia crowns £700
Porcelain veneer £500
Temporary crown £100
Gold plated steel post and reconstruction £300
Fibreglass post and reconstruction £350
Post-and-crown / crown / bridge re-fitting, price from £130-150
Denture relining £220
Reinforcing mesh +£100
Denture correction (made in a different dental clinic) £100
Denture repair £170
Frame denture £1000
Flexi denture £850
Full conventional denture £670
Conventional denture (two teeth) £390
Conventional denture (3-4 teeth) £450
Conventional denture (4-8 teeth) £520
Conventional denture (9-12 teeth) £570
Relaxing dental guard £220
Teeth splinting £300-500
Extraction, price depending on the number of roots (separation +£50) £140-250
Problematic extraction £300
Stitches removal £60-80, from
Dental abscess incision £100
Post-extraction dressing (if the tooth was extracted in a different dental practice) £100
Lingual frenotomy £150
Whitening- upper and lower tray and 4 gels, price from £270
Dead teeth whitening (price for one tooth) £130
Additional whitening gel syringe £50

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